1) Can I send you cash, check, or bidpay for my payment?

Sorry, we cannot accept cash, check, nor "bidpay".
We ONLY accept credit card and "paypal" payment.
If you cannot pay by any of these methods, we ask you to not place an order.

2) Can I use my friends credit card?

The receiver`s name and the name and information on the billing card needs to be the same so we advise you not to use someone else`s credit card.

3) Can I send payments directly to the Mandarake paypal account?

Direct payments are not allowed. Please make the payment ONLY through the link given in the invoice and always use the "PAY" button to continue your transaction.

4) When making the credit card payment, I always get returend to the first page. What am I doing wrong?

Our website sometimes has problems with some foreign credit cards. If that is the case, please contact your bank or the credit card company to make sure your card can be used on a foreign website and they are not stopping your transaction.
Also, please make sure your name on your order and on the credit card match.