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When you place an order, please fill out all the required fields in full measure.
Orders with insufficient or incorrect customer information may be cancelled without notice.
The customer will be responsible for all the fees that may be caused for the package to be resent to the correct address, if the problem is due to insufficient or incorrect customer information.

We will inform the availability and grand total of your order within three days.
However, when there are large number of orders, our response may delay for a day or two.

When you fill out the order form, please make sure your e-mail address is correct.
When you didn't receive a return mail from us, we may not have received your correct e-mail address.
Our system can not return e-mail to AOL address, so please use an alternate account.
We cannot answer at all to any troubles or complaints by the entry mistake of a customer's mail address Thanks for your comprehension.

Attention to all customers

Sample pictures shown on our web page may differ from the actual merchandises.
All prices are subject to change without notice.

Our merchandises are limited, so please place an order ONLY IF you are sure of buying.

The display based on Japanese Specific Commercial Law

Merchant name: Mandarake Inc.
Representative: Masuzo Furukawa
Telephone number: 03-3228-0007
Fax Number: 03-3228-5787
Selling prices: Indicated individually on the goods
Return policy: Basically no return or exchange, but defective commodities without marking can be exchanged with nondefectives (in case of stockout, the item will be refunded)
Return / exchange period: Please inform us within three days from the delivery of your order.
Fees other than commodity prices: Shipping and handling fees
Available payment methods: Credit card and Money Bookers
Time to delivery: After receiving payment

Membership registration

Any user can order freely from Mandarake Online Shop without registering,but once registered, user could skip entering shipping information (name,address, etc.) each time during checkout.
The ID and password for can be used for Mandarake Online Shop and Mandarake Auction.
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When ordering "Storefront Item", you can choose

1) Buy other items if this item is out of stock
2) Will not buy other items if this item is out of stock
If the storefront item you have chosen happened to be sold out, we will either quote for the rest of the item(s) you are ordering, or will cancel the whole order depending on which option you choose.