1) How long does it take to ship my item(s)?

The shipping usually takes from 3 to 5 days. We will send you the shipping confirmation when we ship out your package. There will be a tracking number for all shipments stated around the mid section of the invoice.
Please use the link below to track your package:

If you have not received your package within a week after you received the confirmation, please contact us again.

2) Can I arrange the pick-up time and date?

Sorry, we can`t do pick-up arrangements.

3) I haven't received my package yet. What should I do?

First, please check if you have received a shipping confirmation from us. If you haven`t yet, then please contact us again.
The shipment delay may be due to either (1) you have not finished your payment transaction or (2) your payment has not gone through. Our website sometimes has problems with some foreign credit cards. If that is the case, please contact your bank or the credit card company to make sure your card can be used on a foreign website and they are not stopping your transaction.
Also, please make sure your name on your order and on the credit card match.
If it has been more than a week since you received a confirmation mail, then please check your nearest post office; your package may have arrived already but you were not there to receive it. Mail deliverers do not leave an EMS package if they do not obtain a signature by the receiver.
So please look for a pick-up notice in your mail box. The notice should tell you where and until when you can pick up your package.

4) I was away for a long time and I wasn't able to pick-up my package at the post office. What should I do?

If you were not at home to receive your package or pick it up at the post office for over a month, there is a possibility that your package has already been returned to us.
Usually, the retention time for EMS packages is around a month and when nobody picks up the packages, the post office sends them back to the senders.
Therefore, if you were unable to pick up your package at the post office, please contact us and we will inform you when your package will return to us.
Please understand that there is a reshipping fee we will be asking you to pay for us to mail it back to you. The same goes for packages returned to us for any other reasons, such as having the incorrect address.

5) Can you ship my item(s) via regular air mail instead of EMS?

We prefer EMS to regular air mail because of its reliability, security and fast service.
EMS covers insurance and tracking service, and it takes less than a week to ship a package overseas.
On the other hand, regular air mail takes more than a week to ship a package and has no insurance or tracking service.
Since we are doing business internationally, we want packages to arrive to our customer`s hands safe and fast.
Also we make notice that for gpaypalh payments, we can not add or change any type of shipping services without tracking number.
Please ask us about other shipping options you may be interested in.