1) The item I want is shown as sold out. Are you going to re-stock it again?

There are some items that we re-stock constantly, but other items such as anime cels, original genga, and autographed items are not as easy to re-stock. Since many of our items are pre-owned, not all of them will be available as soon as others.
If the item you found sold out has been updated and re-stocked, the item`s page on our webshop will have the "Add To Cart" button available.
We try our best to re-stock all of our items but we apologize for the inconvenience if some are not available yet.

2) I'm looking for particular goods, but I can't find any on your web site. Can you find them for me?

Yes, please feel free to e-mail us and give us the list of the items you are interested in.
We'll try our best to find the items you are looking for, but please give us some time to look through the stocks of our stores.

3) Can I reserve item(s)?

Sorry, we do not have any item reservation service.

4)General terms for all items.

※Most items are pre-owned and sold in “AS IS” condition.
※Please expect some minor stains/damage on both the package and its contents.
※Some pictures are being reused, actual item may differ from the picture shown.
※Unopened item contents are not checked, therefore, no responsible will be taken for factory defects.
※International shipment might cause damage.
※Please order at your own risk.