1) I still haven't received any e-mail from you for my order yet. Did you get my e-mail?

Please check if the e-mail address you gave us is written correctly. We advise you not to use an AOL address since our system cannot send or receive from AOL users.?
When you complete your ordering process (meaning that you've submitted all the necessary information), please give us 2 days to inform you about the availability of your ordered item(s) and the total payment fee.
If you do not hear from us for more than 3 days, please try contacting here.

2) I received my package, but the item(s) arrived with some damages. Can I get a refund or exchange the damaged item(s)?

We ask you to contact us first and inform us with details and images (Photo) about the damages on the item(s) your received.
If the item was damaged during its delivery, we can send out an EMS inquiry form, and you may be able to have the insurance cover for the damages.
However, there is the option of full coverage for over 20,000 yen. We will need you to confirm if you would like to add this full coverage before we send out the package. Please write the value you want to insure on the comment section when placing your order.