1) Can I cancel my order?

We do not accept order cancellations or the cancellation of a particular item.
If you want to cancel without notifying us or if you make too many cancelations, you will not be able to place an order through our mail order service in the future. Mandarake reserves the right to cancel or deny future orders if the customer has (1) canceled an order, (2) canceled an item, or (3) has made unpaid orders in the past. Therefore, please place the order only if you really want the item and have enough funds to pay for it.

Although normally we do not accept cancellations or exchanges, we will accept this if there is a problem with the item which was not described on the item`s page. If the description of the item is not clear enough for you, please ask us about it before placing your order and we will let you know as soon as possible.

2) Can I add more item(s) to my order?

If you need to add any other items, please place a new order and write "Combine" at the comment section. However, we can not combine orders from different store locations.

Also, please have in mind that our regular payment policy is 5 days, starting from the invoice sent to you. Combining orders does not necessarily mean extending the payment deadline. We still ask you to pay for the order within 5 days from the first invoice sent.
Please understand that we combine orders to save on shipping fee for you, and a lot of work goes into recalculating the shipping fee and rearranging the boxes.
We ask you to please finish your transaction as soon as possible and to respect the payment`s deadline.

3) I made 2 orders at the same time. Can I combine the shipping?

We can combine orders as long as the order is (1) still not payed and (2) the items you want to add are from the same store location from the previous order.?
If you need to add any other items, please place a new order and write "combine" at the comment section.
We have several store locations along Japan but unfortunately we can not combine orders from different locations. Please check our store locations from the link below: