The 3rd Indy Sofubi Rally - Dealer List

Important Notice

Some dealers may decline to participate in the event at short notice due to their own circumstances.

Some dealers may have their own sales methods in place.
Please be sure to check the dealer's website, Twitter and Instagram in advance.

To All Participating Dealers

APOKTOBLSTR Apos Toys X Ktokto X Sqdblstr
Bird Ark We produce sofubi and other products with an ugly animals theme. How about small sofubi that can fit in the palm of your hand? We are sending out information on Twitter, so please follow us!
Bite Morph I made my soft vinyl debut last year.I'm new to all things creative, but thank you for your help!
CenturyFugu X PXC Centuryfugu, a sofubi maker from SG. PXC is a blockchain-enabled E-marketplace for exclusive toys and collectibles and a partner of Centuryfugu.
Code Corner Thailand Art toy Gallery
COMETDEBRIS Designed by Koji Harmon. Made in Japan.
D-ATTACK / Uzushoukai / Kani Just like last year we're sharing a booth (D-ATTACK / Uzushoukai / Kani). We're looking forward to seeing you there.
DDL ★ Donguri Dragon Road / TRACTOR INC. The Donguri Club creates soft vinyl that blends with nature. It is full of strange companions such as Donguri (Angry Acorn), Dotoroand Donyo. Thank you.
RYO INOUE(TRACTOR INC.) "Blow your mind"
DMC We're DMC. We love dragons and monsters. This time it's Devil Joe. This is Ryu-chan who wants to eat anything and has an insatiable appetite. Thank you.
Fig-lab + Mushroom Toys Fig-lab - home of the Re:Boot series and more!
Mushroom Toys - Tainan's premier sofubi toy shop!
hidomira Established in 2016, Hidomira toy store .,the main products include sofubi/kaiju/etc... We also represent many great designer works and take them to various events.
Hikari Gallery Hikari Gallery is the first sofubi toy shop in GuangZhou city, opened by MoyGu(HardcoreToys).
Izumonster Gabarimasu
Kaize toys A music artist from Beijing, China. We'll be revealing a new space children's amusement park.
Kaiju One This soft vinyl toy brand targets to play with "east meeting west" element and transform traditional iconic characters to new age soft vinyl toys.
KAMAKIRI We'll be revealing a new color of the Gabu Gabu sofubi! Come and check it out.
KIKI This time we'll be bringing a glow in the dark version of Paranoid X. Thank you.
LULUBELL Japan / GrodyShogun Born in Arizona and living in Japan, Lulubell produces and sells sofubi, and hosts artists from overseas.
MARUSAN We are a toy maker that has been celebrating 97 years since its establishment.


okotukai@m.toy I'm a new maker who finally started making sofubi dolls after I had been making customized paint versions. Please enjoy them.
Romance Toys Taiwan's Momoco Studio launches FUNK TOY release toy!
SCIENCE PATROL GK I love Halloween. It is my absolute most favourite time in the whole wide world. Please don't disappoint me ever. I need you to be spooky for me.
STAND BY TOYS I would like to design toys that remind me of the 80's and 90's when I pick them up. Thank you!
star toys Japan This is a gimmick sofvi that can change the weirdo clutch head. Mr. knuckle made a prototype with littlechopdesign and completed it! The world of knuckle is soft vinyl!! Please see the actual product at the venue. Made in Japan
SYNAPSE TOY It's our third time participating. Thank you.

a designer loving vintage,kawaii and machine

UNBOX INDUSTRIES Unbox Industries is a UK, Hong Kong and Japan-based figure manufacturer. We deal in a wide range of products from artistic to pop items.
Amapro We produce sofvi dolls that erode children's dreams, such as the Showa retro image of "The Worst Monster Corps" and the cute "table monster" that makes you want to eat.
Ankoku Entertainment Jigokudake majingo、suzuki masanao、Original sofubi etc…
Instagram ID : nagare66
Kaijumiyage The popularity of "Baek Ru-dong" on Il Goreijima has spread by cave tours and monster souvenirs, and it used to be feared that there is a Jigoku-guchi where demons appear in caves. There are also many traditions and traditions about ogres and giant animals left in various parts of the island (... omitted.). Il 。◎◎◎ Sale of monster souvenirs and goods ◎◎◎
Masahiro Gosunkugi A new entrant. We are selling the original deep-sea warrior gyojin series gyojin.
Zakures Hobby Zakures Hobby is a new hobby maker that started in 2019. I would like to send out items that my friends really want. As a first step, in 1975 we produced the sofvi figure of 'Seito Kofu' inspired by an alien who was actually seen in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. 2020 will be the 45 year anniversary of the landing of the Disc in Kofu City and the advent of aliens. Thank you.
Sunguts Honpo Sunguts Honpo continues to make soft vinyl that no other company makes.
Shikou Gangu Hello, this is Shikou Gangu. At our company, we are particular about the fact that all the designs are 'handmade' and also the sofvi of 'Made in Japan'. Also, since I like colors with the atmosphere of the Showa period, I try to incorporate those colors into my work as much as possible. I want to make Japanese style sofvi dolls in the future. I will do my best, thank you!!
Swing Toys & Red Shark We might be selling the latest Swing Toys and Red Shark sofubi!!
Tokyo Love Me Dou Thank you.
Tomenosuke Shouten Gero Onsen Tomenosuke Shoten
This is a gallery shop that sells toy-like "object toys" from around the world.
You can find a variety of original products as well as collaborative works with foreign artists and manufacturers. At the Sofubi Rally, we will carefully select and introduce our own original products as well as works created in collaboration with overseas artists and manufacturers, and other unique toys.
MAINAGAMOTO I hope to see everyone visiting the Daimansai this year!
Noresore We're making an original sofubi. Thank you.
Matsumuradamashi The unveiling and sale of the first and second soft vinyl series from the brothers unit "Soul of Matsumura".Thank you for your support.
Miyazawaboe I am making original soft vinyl toys called "Ookami no Kodomo Takkun".
I use different materials such as fake fur and remake burrs.
We would love to have you take a look at the real thing!
Butzmark Here's a mash-up of 70s sci-fi toys and 80s macho toys.
Bear Model & Dragon Boy Various sofubi
Makai Sousei

This is a collaboration booth of Makai-gan and Resuscitation Studio 3on. Thanks!

Consignment Booth

Neil Ewing

I am an artist from Colorado, USA. I make comic books and toys. My work deals with humor, discoveries and, absurdities.

Instagram @mdk.sofvi.fes