Dealer List


It's girly pop today.


I'm APPLETRAP and I make wooden dolls.
This time I made A vinyl doll.

Ankoku Entertainment

Yami Gangu


We produce soft vinyl in a wide range of genres.
We speak English, Chinese, and Japanese, and we are opened to any questions and feedback!


We will be selling cute cat-shaped vinyl doll that can be used to prop up bottles!

Izumonster / Maw collection




JOSH and JOSH's friends


This is a joint booth of Kani and D-ATTACK.
We are looking forward to meeting you.


Original Monster Soft Vinyl will be on sale!


Kimura Toy

I have been making sofubi for about three years, and although there is mutch to learn, I am working on both original and copyrighted works.
More details will be posted here as they become available.
Twitter: @kimhide0311

Terrible Whore

Kodama Sangyo Toy

Kodama Sangyo (KODAMA TOY), founded in 1930, has been manufacturing original sofubi dolls since the 1960's. We will be selling our original sofubi doll Charmy-chan, which we have been making for nearly 50 years, as well as other sofubi dolls made in Tokyo Katsushika.


Designed and painted by Koji Harmon. Made in Japan.


I love Halloween. It is my absolute most favourite time in the whole wide world. Please don't disappoint me ever. I need you to be spooky for me.

Snuguts Honpo

We are Sunguts Honpo, we have been making indy sofubi since 2000!

Shiko Gangu

Hello, I'm Shiko Gangu. I mainly produce super poseable sofubi dolls. I would like to make various kinds of dolls in the future.

Skulltula with Ebinekoya

I will bring sofubi of Utsubo Kaeru Ebineko.


"SnapTap" by designer and musician 440 and "SWITCH BOMB" ( by artist BOCKY will each sell original sofubi.


I am a member of the Calligraphy Society of Japan and a lover of antiques. I designed the sofubi from the perspective of antiques.

Sofubi Taro

Eight million beings have been made into soft vinyl.
Instagram: sofvitaro Twitter: @sofvitaro

Sofubi Nakayoshi Team

The team will be a joint team of Kakko Warai Zakkaten, Gyaromi, Swing Toys, Human Robot, and Red Shark.


This is my first participation. I brought an avocado alien, "The Most Peaceful Invaders in the World" as my first original sofubi. The modeling was created by Osamura, a prototype sculptor who has also worked on toy prototypes for a certain major manufacturer. We hope you will experience our reliable technology and enthusiasm for detail. In addition to modeling, we also focus on pins produced for each character and packaging that expands the world view. Please enjoy the surprises that only SOLIDDESIGN can offer.

Da Wei Miao Zi

I am from China. I graduated from Musashino Art University this year with a graduate degree in sculpture. I am currently making sofubi and drawing independent Manga. I am currently working as an artist in China and Japan.

DDL*Donguri Dragon Road/DOUTERRIM

This club creates sofubi that fuses with nature. They are full of bizarre friends such as Donguri, Dotoro, Donyo, Bakemaru-kun, and so on.

Towa Gangu

We will host a pre-drawing for the items, and displaying items.

Totsugeki Gangudo

I am an amateur, but I made a robot sofubi as a hobby. Although larger in size, Gangbusters Zero will be on display and for sale.


Hi, my name is Nagamoto. Thank you for your continued support. I will join event again this year. Thank you very much.


My name is nekorat.
We produce an original sogubi "Dora Polygon" that combines dragons, polygons, and monsters. New Drapolygon will also be available for sale. Please stop by.


I make small sofubi.


This is my third time participating. A sofubi brand based on the motif of famous monsters.

Bird Ark

We produce hand-held size sofubi figures based on the motif of "busakawa" animals.

Hikari Toys

We will continue to create soft vinyls of Japanese-style yokai and their dependents, including the "Mononoke Shoujo" series. We are always looking forward to new surprises and stimulation. Please look forward to the items that will appear at the booth on the day of the event.


We produce and sell original character sofubi of a chick!

Bear Model & Dragon Boy

Sofubi, etc.


I am working on the theme of "creation and transmission.
Currently, the main focus is on original characters, but eventually I would like to expand the scope of my activities from illustrations and paintings to music, video, and writing, and to provide a variety of information.
If you are interested, please follow me on my Social Medial.


This brand offers outdoor knitwear and outdoor gear, and we have now expressed the brand character as a sofubi figure.
The character's name is "Peg Utsu Man Bear."
The bear character is wearing an apron and holding a peg hammer and pegs!
Take me outdoors.

Makai / Sosei

It's a collaboration booth between Makai Gan and Sosei Kobo!

Mushroom Toys

Mushroom Toys . 2F Gallery Taiwan.Tainan

Matsumura Damashii

We will be participating in the "Kaiju Series" sofubi and "Onigawara" sofubi created by the brothers' sofubi unit "Matsumura Damashii".

Maya (Confection / Toy)

♪ Confectionery Maya Confectionery Maya, a happy, smiling Maya confectionery ♪
We will be exhibiting products, confectionery and toys that Maya Confectionery has sold in the past and selling some of these products. Thank you.


We are a toy maker celebrating its 99th anniversary. We hope to continue to deliver fun toys to SOFVI fans around the world for the 100th year and beyond.

Maruhachi Gangu


Various "Kuturupa" will be on sale. Can I make it in time for the new one?

Mikan Domei

This is a joint booth of Mikan kappa and Rukiten. Limited new items, limited edition items and kalegons!

Mike Gangu

Original sofubi will be sold.


We are Meteoritetoy. R78 R77 is available for sale.
Instagram: Meteoritetoy2019

Miyazawa Boe

Officially licensed Fantasy Zone Opaopa sofubi will be available for sale.
Please also check out our original "Okami Kodomo no Ta-kun"!


LULUBELL TOYS Japan / GrodyShogun

Originally from Arizona. I moved to Japan because I love sofubi so much. I'm LULUBELL, a made-in-Japan sofubi producer, manufacturing retail/wholesale, ODM, and inviting overseas artists.

One up.

We sell "original and copyrighted sofubi" at Nakano Broadway and Akihabara. We update our Blog and twitter almost everyday, so please check them out!