The 3rd Indy Sofubi Rally Entry

Important Notice

Some dealers may decline to participate in the event at short notice due to their own circumstances.

Some dealers may have their own sales methods in place.
Please be sure to check the dealer's website, Twitter and Instagram in advance.

Entry Fee

500 yen (inc tax) (comes with pamphlet)
Sales Location: Nakano Sun Plaza - 14F


4-1-1,Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8512

Entry Into The Venue

10:00~15:00 Entry to the Event

You are required to confirm your identity to attend the Sofubi Rally.
Please come to the identification counter on the 14th floor of Nakano Sun Plaza from 10:00am. Please come to this counter before purchasing the brochure.
After disinfection and thermo-camera temperature check, you will be asked to identify yourself at the identification counter.
You will be given an entrance wristband for the festival after your identity is confirmed.

Please note that the method of identification differs depending on whether you have registered for the festival in advance or on the day of the festival.
For more details, please refer to the entry guide here.

Pamphlet Sales
  • Entry tickets with pamphlets will be on sale from 10am on the day. (Sales Location: Nakano Sun Plaza - 14F)
    A lottery draw number is printed on the back of the pamphlet.
  • This number will be used to determine the order of entry into the venue, but it is not the order of entry itself.
  • Order of entry into the venue will be done decided by lottery draw.
  • Once you have purchased your pamphlet our staff will guide you to the queue.
    (Customers are free to move about while waiting, but please return by 3pm and maintain social distancing)
15:00 Queues Formed (14F)
  • Customers purchasing pamphlets after 3pm will be able to enter the venue after all of the groups have gone in. It may take some time to register on the day of the event, so we ask that you come early to avoid disappointment.
  • Please ensure to leave a large space in front and behind you while waiting in the queue and ensure you maintain social distancing.
15:05 Order of entry announcement.
15:15 Entry When entering the venue you must show your pamphlet, so please keep it in your hands.
(Depending on the conditions at the venue please understand that admission may be restricted.
※ We will update this information as it it needed.
16:00 Battle Mech Orochi MX1 3rd - Lottery Ticket Distribution
18:00 Dokugasujuu Schlong (Bourei) - Lottery Ticket Distribution

【Points to Note】

※ Pamphlets will only be on sale at the venue on Sunday August 16.
※ On the day limits may be in place on the number of people who can enter the venue in order to help prevent the spread of corona virus.
※ Please wear a mask at all times in the venue and use the disinfectant provided.
※ As a corona countermeasure, all customers will have their temperature checked when purchasing a pamphlet.
※ Please do not come to the event if you have any symptoms of illness, such as a fever.
※ For sales of lottery items, to prevent crowding please do not come to the sales register if you were not chosen.
※ Please follow the instructions and guidance of the staff at the event venue.
※ If you do not follow our staff's instructions, you will be denied entry.
※ It may take some time to register on the day of the event, so we ask that you come early to avoid disappointment.


Mandarake CoCoo
Neribeicho 13-1, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
※4 minutes walk from JR Akihabara station (Electric Town Exit)
03-3527-1631 (Fujita - Mandarake CoCoo)

Instagram @mdk.sofvi.fes