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Mandarake Zenbu
Pre-bidding will be available here. You can view the items from midnight on July 1st (Japan Time).

Price 1000 yen (909 yen plus tax)
Published by Mandarake

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Q - Can I pay in dollars / euros / pounds?
A - Sorry, all payments must be made in yen.
. - Is the catalog available in any other languages?
A - The physical copy of the catalog is in Japanese only (although there is a small section on the bidding process that is written in English). An English translation for some of the popular items is provided on the left of the main Zenbu page, as well some as important information about them. Click the pictures for more details.
Q - I want to get the catalog as soon as possible. Which store should I go to?
A - Our Nakano store usually gets the catalog a few days before its scheduled release date, so please contact the store directly. Other Mandarake stores receive their copies afterward. Regular bookstores in Japan release their copies on the 10th every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December), but this may vary depending on the store and region.
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  • Sato-chan Costume (Large Size)

    Character costume though to have been designed between 1990 and 2000.

  • Sato-chan Mover - New Type

    1996 design.

  • Sitting Sato-chan Store Item - 1965, Cone Base

    The Sato-chan part is soft vinyl.

  • Sato-chan Swing Display

    One 26cm Sato-chan and two 9cm Sato-chans riding on the swing.

  • Satoko Doll Store Item - 1995 Type

    The birth of Satoko-chan, Sato-chan's little sister, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sato Pharmaceutical in 1982.

  • Merry Christmas Sato-chan and Satoko-chan Money Box

    Completely made of sofy vinyl, including the costume.

  • Instore Sato-chan

    Display with base stand and flag.

  • Desk Light

    Light bulbs lamp, has lightshade so that Sato-chan can read a book with you.

  • Sato-chan Acess Multistand

    10cm Sato-chan is made of soft vinyl.

  • Sato-chan Suitcase - Sato-chan Since 1959

    Comes with Sato-chan name tag.

  • 50th Anniversary Sato-chan Voice Recorder

    Voice recorder that easily records and plays back messages and memos.

  • Sato-chan Scales - Blue Box

    Glass bathroom scales.

  • Sato-chan Garden Light

    Garden carnival prize.

  • Sato-chan Toaster

    2001 Autumn campaign prize.

  • Yunker Drink Cooler

    Not-for-sale item from an early 2000 Lawson campaign.

  • Tamori Inflatable Vinyl Doll

    Okiagari doll.

  • Life Size Figure - Rem

    Tall Rem figure. Base has a built in speaker.

  • Elfen Lied Nyu and Nana Set

    Nyu and Nana figures from Elfen Lied. Bonus items that came with a set.

  • 1/4 Lum Limited Edition Cast-Made Figure

    Since she's sitting on a cushion, this 1/4 size figure is still compact.

  • Lum

    From the X-Plus Gigantic Series, Lum from Urusei Yatsura.

  • Kaiyodo Super Sailor Moon

    1/4 scale of Mr. Bome's original mold. Limited run of 500.

  • Tomy / Kira Kira Saila Yume no Petite House

  • Tomy / Kira Kira Saila - City Look Saila - Green Dress With Red Ribbon

  • Henna Oji-san Neck Prop

    Used during skits of TV specials such as Bakatonosama.

  • Shimura Ken no Bakatonosama Talking Alarm Clock

    Wakes you up using the real voice from Bakatonosama.

  • Pentel Ikeike Sharp Drifters Sofubi Set

    If you were successful in a lottery draw you could pick just your favorite member.

  • JAA Poster Ken Shimura / Takeshi Kaneshiro Smiling

    2002 poster from the now defunct JAA (Japan Asia Airways).

  • Lotte Tobe! Songoku Bubble Gum Pop

    Hanging type advert, wobbles at the neck, arms and legs when moved.

  • Nazo no Buttai - With Double Engine Rocket

    Equipped with double engines, this is friction and pullback powered.

  • Popy Tobe! Songoku Yoiko Gekijou Set

    The backing cardboard can be assembled into a stage.

  • Ark Owarai Songoku

    Laughter can be heard when you shake the body.

  • Drifters Asobi Daihyakka

    Ken Shimura special feature.

  • Bandai / Marmalade Boy Voice Memo

  • Bandai / Marmalade Boy Marmalade School - 9 Miki Koishikawa

  • Bandai / Marmalade Boy Marmalade Kids - 14 Miki Koishikawa

  • Hero Collection Complete 103 Type Set

    Marmalade Boy special feature.

  • Marmalade Boy Ribon Supplement Set

    Marmalade Boy special feature.

  • Marmalade Boy Cel

    Marmalade Boy special feature.

  • Cardcaptor Sakura Cel

    Episode 30 - Sakura and the Injured Card.

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Cel

    Misato Katsuragi.

  • Ranma 1/2 Opening Cel

    OVA version.

  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky Rough Genga

    Hand-drawn: Hayao Miyazaki.

  • Kiteretsu Daihyakka Cel


  • Kiki's Delivery Service Cel


  • Fortune Quest L Cel

    Rumi / Knoll / Pastel / Clay.

  • (OVA) YU-NO - Cel

    Moe auction.

  • Sakura Momoko Theater Coji-Coji Cel

    Pochi auction.

  • Osamu Tezuka Hand-Drawn Color Manuscript - 0 Man

    Used in Weekly Shonen Sunday 1960 (Showa 35) May 15 (20) edition.

  • Fujiko Fujio Hand-Drawn Manuscript - Futa-kun

    Samui Kuni kara Kita Okyaku-san Dayo.

  • Osamu Tezuka Hand-Drawn Manuscript - I am Sarutobi!

    1-Koma unused manuscript.

  • Jiro Ota Hand-Drawn Color Illustration - Kobutori

    Fairytale scene.

  • Wataru Watanabe Hand-Drawn Shikishi - Yowamushi Pedal - Shokichi Naruko

    Drawn over the span of a campaign.

  • The Ryuo's Work is Never Done! Voice Actor Signed Poster

  • Time Bokan 2000: Kaitou Kiramekiman Voice Actor Signed Shikishi

  • Yamabiko Shoujo Complete 6 Volume Set

    Early work by Masako Watanabe, Wakagi Shobou Kessaku Manga Zenshuu

  • Midori no Shinju Complete 4 Volume Set

    Masako Watanabe / Original Work by Kohan Kawauchi, Wakagi Shobou

  • Mizuiro no Hitomi 2 Part Set

    By Akira Saida, Wakagi Shobou Kessaku Manga Zenshuu

  • Shirochibi Bokenji

    Yoshiyasu Otomo / Original Work by Noboru Oshiro, Nakamura Manga Series

  • Seibu no Kaidanji

    Akahon by Jiro Kuwata, Nisshokan Shoten

  • Hinotama Sanshiro

    Shiro Suzue (Motoichiro Takebe) picture story, Nankai Shuppansha

  • Fujio Akatsuka Complete Works - Complete 30 Issue Set

    Fujio Akatsuka, Akebono Comics

  • Gewalt Shakaigaku

    Adult manga by Shuhei Nishizawa, Shueisha Cat Comics

  • Diamond Comics Complete 49 Book Set

    Early label shinshoban comics, Kodama Press

  • Pokemon Card - Pokemon Rumble Campaign 3 Cards

  • Pokemon Card - Kamex Mega Battle No. 1 Trainer (Chubu Tournament)

  • Kamen Rider Card Luxury Album (Blue)

  • Tanoshii Youchien 1969 (S44) 03.01

    Vintage magazine special feature - Tanoshii Youchien 1969 - 1973

  • Yoshiteru Takano - Bakuhatsu wa 30 Byou Go ni Okoru

    B5 size, Bessatsu Furoku Matsuri

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Poster

  • Hyouka Poster

  • Ultra Books Mighty Jack [N-10]

  • Spaceship Red Shark Flower Star no Nazo [KSC-2803]

  • Tekno Morris Oxford

  • Imai 1/12 Aston Martin DB-5

  • Train Direction Roll Kawasaki City Tram

  • Side Name Plate Kofukuji ⇔ Makado / Rokkakubashi ⇔ Ashinabashi Yokohama City Tram

  • Yoshiichi Hara Photograph Collection


  • Shoujo Alice - Seiyu Issue Vol.3

    Alice Shuppan

  • Mercuro B2 Poster Suehiro Maruo

    Tokyo Grand Guignol

  • Aiko Morishita Photograph Collection - Umi e Watashi e

    Photography: Kishin Shinoyama

  • ● Sato-chan Special Feature

    In Japan, Sato-chan is a familiar friend in pharmacies. We have surprising number of items available: store displays, prizes and more. Lots of fun nostalgic items and things that will make you think about old times. Since they're at a relatively easy purchase price, even people who don't usually join the Big Web Auction will want to this time.

  • ● Bishoujo Figure / Garage Kit

    Life-size figure, Kaiyodo limited edition Sailor Moon, Elfen Lied to name a few of the more than 300 pretty girl items available.

  • ● Marmalade Boy

    Serialised in Ribon from 1992 to 1995, becoming an anime in 1994, Marmalade Boy was a shoujo manga by Wataru Yoshizumi.
    It is popular outside of Japan, becoming a live action drama in Taiwan. We're having a small Marmalade Boy special feature with dolls, toys, stationary etc.

  • ● Ken Shimura

    Including Drifters goods there are more than 150 items, primarily toys. He'd always been on the forefront so there are lots of different kinds of items to look forward to. As well as the toys, Mandarake it going all out with items like a signed Yuuya Enomoto magazine, Keibunsha encyclopedia and picture book, shinsho tankobon, record, and even a shikishi signed by all five members of the Drifters.

  • ● Animation Cels and Anime Gengas

    Ashita no Joe 2 special feature,
    Evangelion, Osamu Tezuka, Rumiko Takahashi, Ghibli works,
    the 30th anniversary of Fortune Quest,
    we have lots of sought after cels!

  • ● Hand-drawn Illustrations, Shikishi and Manuscripts

    Osamu Tezuka's illustration, manuscript, shikishi, signed book. We have a signed book special feature with popular artists including Fujiko Fujio, Shotaro Ishimori, Shinji Nagashima, Kazuichi Hanawa, Shigeru Mizuki, Sanpei Shirato, Monkey Punch, Hideo Azuma and Wataru Watanabe.

  • ● Tankobon (Single Volume Books)

    Part two of our akahon special feature including publishers such as Tsuru Shobou, Nakamura Shoten, Nisshokan Shoten, Hibari Shobo and Taiheiyo Bunko.
    A large number of rare kashi-hon manga such as Akira Saida's shoujo manga, and work from Masako Watanabe, the longest active female manga-ka.

  • ● New Size Books

    Akebono Comics "Fujio Akatsuka Complete Works" complete 30 issue set. Shueisha Cat Comics, Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha Holiday Comics, Kodama Press "Diamond Comics" Complete 49 Book Set, such as adult cartoon Special Feature.

  • ● Vintage Comic Magazines and Supplements

    1969-1973 "Tanoshii Youchien"
    Shogaku Ichinensei special edition and separate Boken-Oh tokusatsu magazine
    B5 size Bessatsu Furoku Matsuri

  • ● Doujinshi

    Special feature on Naruto circle Club Hato's Kakashi x Iruka doujinshi.

  • ● Cards

    Pokemon Card Special Feature - Not for sale Pokemon card, Korean playmat, Pokemon scratch card and more.
    Also a luxurious old Kamen Rider Card album.

  • ● Dolls

    Kira Kira Saila Special Feature - Small 10cm dress up doll from Tomy.

  • ● Voice Actor Goods

    Signed goods from popular young voice actors and revered veteran actors.

  • ● Vehicle Goods

    Foreign mini car and plastic model special feature including Tekno, Marklin, Dinky Toys and others.

  • ● Records and Cassettes

    Asahi Sonorama, Mighty Jack, Tarzan TV card and more.

  • ● Railway Goods

    Special feature on nostalgic trams and streetcars.

  • ● Movie and Anime Posters

    Festival tie-ups, anime posters
    Ano Hana, Hyouka, Manpaku and others.

  • ● Kaiba and Other Books

    Special Feature with sexual books, vending machines books, vinyl books, S&M, Shoujo Alice magazine and more. There's also a Suehiro Maruo poster, Osamu Tezuka postcard, books signed by popular actresses, and much more.