Dealer Registration

Dealer participation fee

10,000 yen

Dealer Tickets Includes:
3 dealer tickets
1 table (1800mm x 450mm)
2 chairs

Dealer Participation Notes

  • Mandarake will assumes no responsibility for the work exhibited or for any legal issues related to the individual exhibitor.
  • Mandarake is not responsible for theft, shoplifting, sale of goods, accidents, injuries, loss, or any other problems.
  • In the event that the event cannot be held (natural disaster, transportation paralysis, etc.), the fee will not be refunded.
  • If the event is postponed or cancelled, we will hold a creative soft vinyl rally at ONLINE. (Only for manufacturers and dealers who wish to participate)
  • Once payment is made, the fee is non-refundable even in the case of cancellation.
  • Booth location cannot be specified (we will do our best to accommodate your request, so please fill in the remarks column in advance).
  • If you are a dealer who would like to have more than one booth, please indicate the total number of booths you would like in the remarks column.
  • The use of fire or hazardous materials is not allowed. No power supply is allowed.
  • For copyrighted works, please check with the copyright holder in advance. Please note that we are not in a position to confirm or respond to the copyright holders.

About Cirlce Logos

Image will be published in grayscale

50 mm x 50 mm / 300 dpi
EPS format (illustrator/photoshop)is recommended
psd, ai, and jpg file are also accepted

The maximum file size is 5mb.

  • Please make sure to rasterize, outline, and merge the layers.
  • The brochure will include the dealer's name and PR in the cut, so the dealer's name is not required in the cut.

Application Form

  • Dealer Application
    2024/1/1(Mon) 20:00 - 2024/2/1(Thu) 23:59(JST)
  • Please be sure the representative of the dealer applies.
    Please make sure your payment address is the same as your application address.
  • If the event is postponed or cancelled, we will hold an alternative event, a creative soft vinyl rally on ONLINE (only for manufacturers and dealers who wish to participate).
  • Notification of winners and losers will be sent by e-mail.
    If there are too many applications, a drawing will be held and only the winners will be able to proceed to the payment of the dealer participation fee.

Registration has ended.