Mandarake Kashi-hon Zoukei Series - Noboru Yoshimi

Kashi-hon Zoukei Shojo Chameleon Chiko + Kashi-hon Reprint Shojo Chameleon
(Mandarake CoCoo opening commemorative ver.)

The Shojo Chameleon sofubi that completely sold out at the 2019 Mandarake Daimansai festival returns.
It will be coming out at the opening of the new Mandarake sofubi specialist store in Akihabara, CoCoo.

  • Long Hair Ver.

  • Pigtails Ver.

  • Chameleon Head

The poisonous painting on the purple mold, which is different original work, makes it much more mysterious.
As well as the chameleon head, there are also the long hair and pigtail versions.

Furthermore we also have a luxurious reproduction of the original work available.
A chameleon girl sofubi with a mysterious finish.
We'll be waiting for you at the Mandarake CoCoo store.

Sofubi + Original Work (Reprint Ver.) Set
Price: 15,000 yen + tax

Sold Out

Sales Method: These will be sold by lottery draw at the Mandarake CoCoo store on Saturday December 14, 2019
13:00~ Numbered lottery tickets distributed
14:00~ Sales start

【Points to Note】

  • Customers may participate in the lottery once per item.
  • It may be very crowded on the day so please be sure to follow the instructions from the staff.
  • Depending on the number of people on the day, the sales method may change.
  • The sales start time may change depending on the number of people in the queue.
  • The numbered lottery tickets are handed out in a random order. It is not first come first served. Please join the line until the entry tickets are distributed.