Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series

The new color of the Chibira-kun and monster town series "Pochi-Pochi" sold on the web in May is It's pink, just like the older Tsuburaya Kaiju!
The color is a beautiful pink like an alert color.

Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series - Pochi Pochi - Pink Color

Soft vinyl.
¥16,500 with tax
Release Date
August 15, 2021
Cojica Toy

Sales Information

Veue Sale: August 15
Mail order: Until August 1, 23:59 on the web

※ This may be sold by lottery depending on the number of people who wish to buy it.
※ Sales may be limited to one per person.

Applications to enter the sale by lottery draw will open at 21:00 on july 24 and close at 23:59 on August 1.

Contact Staff Member: Etsuzaki (Fukuoka)