Kagemori Kicho
Onihime Orochi

The first ever reprint of "Oni-Hime Orochi", by "Kagemori Kicho" (aka Marina Shirakawa) among the Hibari-Kaiji manga artists from the 1970s!
The masterpiece tells a story that connects modern and historical dramas,
a tragic love story, and a horror depicting snakes.
In particular, the dynamic of Oni-Hime using a full page spread and a full page is overwhelming.

The standard edition is a blue-framed version, our take on how the item would have been sold with an alternative cover.
The limited edition is in an Akebono Comics-style cover, which was not available at the time.

The limited edition also includes a sofubi of Onihime produced by Aruimi-Makezu.
At 26cm in length, it is a large sofubi with an extendable neck.
Two colors are available; red and black marble and milky white.
The red and black marble version has gold eyes, while the milky white version has black eyes.
The milky-white version has black eyes and gold lamé mixed throughout the body.


Onihime Orochi - Standard Edition Comic
Price: ¥2,200(with tax)

Limited Edition Comic

Sofubi (Red & Black Marble)

Sofubi (Milky White Slipstream)

Onihime Orochi
Sofubi + Limited Edition Comic

Sofubi (Red & Black Marble) + Limited Edition Comic
Sofubi (Milky White Slipstream) + Limited Edition Comic

Price: ¥17,600(with tax)

Soft vinyl comes in two colors: red-black marble and milky white.
Items are included with the limited edition comics as well.


Daimansai Festival venueOn sale at the venue on August 14

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A waiting line will be formed in the 14F lobby for distribution of numbered tickets for sales. (Golba and Onihime Orochi will be in a separate line.)
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