It made a striking debut at the second Indy Sofubi Expo and now to commemorate the opening of the newest Mandarake store, the sofubi specialist store Mandarake CoCoo, we have a limited edition color on sale!

Kiki Paranoid X
(Mandarake CoCoo Opening Commemorative Ver.)

Price: 10,000 + tax

Sold Out

Sales Method

Sale by lottery draw at the Mandarake CoCoo store on December 14 (Saturday) 2019.
17:00~ Numbered lottery tickets distributed
18:00~ Sales start

Points to Note

  • Customers may purchase a maximum of one item per transaction.
  • If you would like to make another purchase, please re-join the back of the queue.
  • Depending on the number of people on the day, the sales method may change.
  • The numbered entry tickets are handed out in a random order. It is not first come first served. Please join the line until the entry tickets are distributed.
  • If you arrive after the numbered tickets have been distributed you will have to join the back of the queue.