Chibira-kun to Kaiju machi Series

The newest addition to the Chibira-kun to Kaijumachi series is GORUBA!

While many predicted Gakinko for the third installment of the series,
we've chosen his father, Goruba!
It is not too much to say that
we started the series to make Golba look his best.

The elbows, common to the series, are movable,
and the cape is reproduced in two colors, red and black.

Chibira-kun to Kaijumachi Series - Goruba

Soft vinyl
¥16,500 with tax
August 14, 2022

Sales Information

Daimansai Festival venue:On sale at the venue on August 14
WEB lottery: Lottery applications accepted on the web from July 24, 21:00 to July 31, 23:59
Web lottery application has been closed.

※ This may be sold by lottery depending on the number of people who wish to buy it.
※ Sales may be limited to one per person.

Contact Staff Member: Etsuzaki (Fukuoka)

Goruba & Onihime Orochi Sale Information(Please be at the 14th floor by 10:30)

*Numbered tickets will be distributed at random and then sold in order of number. Please note that tickets will not be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

A waiting line will be formed in the 14F lobby for distribution of numbered tickets for sales. (Golba and Onihime Orochi will be in a separate line.)
After the numbered tickets are distributed, we will re-arrange the line in numerical order.
Once you have re-aligned, we will move you to the 13th floor in the order of your number.
Sales will begin in order of number at Product Counter B in the 13F lobby (sales will end when all products are gone).