To celebrate the release of Greenhouse x Mandarake's "CoCoo Mandara",
Sticker-fans from the Sofubi Field presents the "Fancy ★ Aiko CoCoo Limited Edition"!
A must-buy for all Sticker and Sofubi fans!

Fancy ★ Aiko CoCoo Limited Edition and Faqman ★ Iboaiko Sticker

Price ¥16,500with tax


Sales Methods

This will be sold to raffle winners via the Mandarake CoCoo Instagram account: @mandarake.cocoo

Application Period
Applications for raffle tickets will be accepted from Sunday 24 October, 21:00 to Monday 25 October, 21:00 (JST) on the @mandarake.cocoo Instagram account.

1. Address
2. Name
3. Phone number
4. E-mail address
5. Please send us a DM indicating you want to enter the "Fancy ★ Aiko CoCoo Limited Edition" raffle.

Only one entry per person/account will be accepted.
Multiple entries from the same account, address, etc will invalidate all associated entries.
Please make sure to send a DM to our account @mandarake.cocoo.
A DM to the Indy Sofubi Rally official account is not valid, so please double-check which account you have sent a DM to.

  • Only the winner of the raffle will be able to purchase the item.
  • The winner of the raffle will be contacted by email.
  • We will not be contacting unsuccessful applicants.
  • Applications from locked/hidden/private accounts will not be accepted. Please make sure your account is set to "public".
  • Only one entry per person/account will be accepted.
  • Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer (domestic customers only), or Alipay.
  • We do not accept cash on delivery.
  • The shipping fee will be charged separately.
  • Be sure to complete your payment within one week of winning. We will cancel your order if it is past the due date.
  • You cannot cancel after winning.
  • Shipment is scheduled for mid-December.
  • The actual package may differ from the photo.
  • Shipping to customers living outside of Japan may take some time.
  • If you wish to pick up the item in a store, please tell us in advance. (You can pick up the item from the CoCoo Mandara sales event on Sunday 31 October)