Talking Dakimakura Covers Designed by Jenoa Cake's Takaya-ki and CANVAS+GARDEN's Miyasaka Miyu
Now Available at All Mandarake Stores (except Ikebukuro)

Talking Dakimakura Cover: Daimansai Version
Illustration by Takaya-ki of Jenoa Cake.

※Voice sample increased.

Talking Dakimakura Cover: Daimansai Version
Illustration by Miyasaka Miyu of CANVAS+GARDEN.

※Voice sample increased.

For the first time in dakimakura history! Unprecedented pillow cover: touch her and she will talk to you!

Gently stroke her, and she will be sweet and ready for an intimate relationship. Stroke her hard, and she will be angry with you. But you can win her back by being gentle. She is a really delicate cover.

Her tastes change with time, so it will give you a feeling of reality that you've been looking for!
These two "realistic dakimakura" were available at the "DaiManSai" festival!

There is a dream cast with illustrations by Takaya-ki-san and Miyasaka-san, and voices by Kazane-san and Hana Akino-san!
The two-sided pillows are made from top quality lyctron (2 Way Tricot).

The artwork, the voices, the material, all of this makes these dakimakuras two of the best ever made!


Dakimakura with Itaspo audio kit30,000 JPY (tax included)
Dakimakura only (with audio serial code)16,200 JPY (tax included)
Itaspo audio kit only14,800

Talking Dakimakura Cover - AVAILABLE NOW!

Our Talking Dakimakura Covers, which were initially only available by a lottery-sale at the 2016 Daimansai festival, are now available at all Mandarake stores*!!!
You can also buy them online. If you missed your shot at buying one before, this is your LAST chance!
*excluding Ikebukuro

Also with the release of additional voices, if you just have one voice-kit you can enjoy both voices even if you just have one cover.
As soon as our stock level hits zero, that's the end of this item. Don't miss out!

Product Outline

Connecting the Voice Mechanism

There is a special audio kit with Itaspo sensors that you have to insert beneath the pillowcase and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Download the special application to your smartphone and choose the character. When you touch the pillow, the voice comes from the connected smartphone's speaker.

How to Use the Itaspo Voice Kit (Japanese Only)

About the Dakimakura Cover

Size160cm × 50cm
FabricLyctron (2 Way Tricot)
SpecificationSublimation transfer printing on both sides with zipper and pasteboard.

About the Itaspo Voice Kit

Size8.5cm × 4.8cm × 1.5cm
Power supplyCR2032 × 1
Communication systemBLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Supported OSAndroid 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and later / iOS 8 and later / iPhone4s and later
Audio formatmp3 and wav
Includesbox, instructions, package for Itaspo sensors, 3 sensors, battery, double-sided tape

Illustrator's Profiles:

Takaya-ki (Circle Name: Jenoa Cake)

The author of "Koiito Kinenbi" that was published in the adult magazine "Comic Megastore". Releases a lot of doujinshi under the circle name "Jenoa Cake".

Miyasaka Miyu (Circle Name: CANVAS+GARDEN)

First art book "Jardin Miniature" has been released this April. Works under the circle name "CANVAS+GARDEN", and mainly produces doujinshi.

Voice Actors' Profiles:

Kazane (for Takaya-ki-san's pillow)

Began voice acting in the early 2000s.
Lends her voice to many characters in bishoujo games. Has many fans for her work an MC on online radio show "Homerarete Nobiru Radio".


"Akeiro Kaikitan" - Velvet
"Shin Koihime Eiyuutan" - Renka (Sonken)
"Tsuyokiss Festival" - Kachiki Kiriya
"Hapymaher" - Yayoi Barnard Lutwidge
"World Election" - Sofia Usty
"Gin'iro, Haruka" - Kisaragi Mizuha

Hana Akino (for Miyasaka-san's pillow)

Following her voice acting debut in a Sailor Moon game, a difficult role due its cross-generational popularity, over the space of a few years she was able to continually take on new roles. In 2015 she was one of the highest rated voice actors. Akino-san has a reputation as a voice actor that combines both popularity and proficiency.


"Floral Flowlove" as Adelheid von Bergstrasse
"Purely x Cation" as Aoi Sumire
"Tarareba - as in What if stories" as Ooyama Riri
"World Election" as Parfil
"Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata" as Kaburagi Yukie
"Imouto no Seiiki" as Nase Yukana

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