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Mandarake ZENBU
ZENBU is a catalog for BIG WEN AUCTION.
List of items from each category, serialized articles and informations.
How to Bid
Bidding through "NORMAL" absentee bid, and "LIVE" real-time bidding.
Retraction or cancelation of placed bids are not accepted.
If only one bidder bids on an item, it will be sold at the starting price.
However, if there is another bidder bids on the same item, it will be sold at the second highest bid + 100yen.
"NORMAL" absentee bid

Place the ammount you wish to bid and click on the "BID" button.
The price background will yellow in color if you are the highest bidder.
The price background will grey in color if you are the not the highest bidder.
Ending time will be extended by 5 minutes if any bid is placed within 5 minutes from the ending time.(maximum 2 hours)
Result will be shown once the auction ends.
"LIVE" real-time bidding

For "LIVE" Auction Style items, real-time bidding will start after absentee bid period ends.
For details, please refer "LIVE" Auction page.