MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Kaiba Sales Information – Spiritual World】 On Sale May 5th (Friday) – Mysterious UFO Medal

not Confirmation Flying objects are not merely fun skipping in the sky!
Confirmed flying objects will appear in the Kaiba retail space.

The table is stamped with the character of “UFO UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT” and the Adameski type of spaceship, the back is “Nasca plateau ground painting”.
Also included “UFO Travel Tips” with 13 Q & A posted.
Hokkaido is the most eyewitness information in Japan, the Kanto that I live in seems to be the least number, and those who believe in UFO in Japan seem to be about 2% of the total population, at that time.

There is Damaged in the box, but medals are golden Kagayaki. For people who want to help on communicating with aliens on the side of Window, with convenient stand. Please seek at Nakano Sanguraza!

These items will be on sale at the Kaiba booth at the Daimansai Festival on Friday May 5.
We’ll be waiting for you!

Post by: Sakuma

Translation is done by machine translator.