MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Shojo Magazine Supplements】 May 3 Ribbon Supplements ☆ Wataru Yoshizumi ‘s Items Will Be Available in Abundance

Tsu is Wataru Kun gathered so

There is no in Image will or a more ☆

4/1 of Wataru Yoshizumi teacher talk show was the best.

Overslept and I but was the cause standing was one Shun experience time in about five minutes … check and fine patterns, lettering also looking at clammy now crawling and had been in your writing, but of precisely because handwriting this maturity of height!

Cormorants … cute ~ ~ ~ !!!

Grinded by all means want to take in hand to 5/3

★ This is scheduled for sale in the showcase.

(Guidance with respect to showcase sales, we plan to re-announcement)

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