Non-standard collection - Mechanical Beast Gelbros J3

Coming to Daimansai ... a horrifying mechanical beast with three necks!
The jumbo king size mechanical beast's supplementation plan has begun!
Mazinger Z "Gelbros J3" soft vinyl toy is here!

Alongside other metalic toys popular throughout the 70s, this will complement the smash hit giant robot toys series' as a "non-standard collection".

Gelbros J3 (also known as Cerberus J3), appeared in a few episodes of the mechanical kaiju series "Mazinger Z".

It is strange that soft vinyl toys of this character have never been produced: three necks, bright colors, strong impact - it has everything! The toy itself and the box give you a taste of nostalgia, so you can put it on the same shelf with vintage toys without any hesitation!

To satisfy the growing craving of the fans from all over the world, here it is - after 40 years!

Total height: 55cm. Soft Vinyl.
Price: 38,000 JPY(Tax excluded).
(Product image may be different to actual product).

How to order:
There are limited quantities of "Gelbros J3". To get one, you need to pre-order it from our web-site. Domestic sales will take place at the "DaiManSai" festival.
We will begin to accept orders in our webpage between 1st and 31st July.
Successful buyers will be selected randomly.
Shipping fee will be charged accordingly depends on your location.
Shipment is scheduled around end of August.

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