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  • Antimony Tetsujin 28 Figure

    Green wooden pedestal version with green wooden rocket.

  • Remote Control Tin Robot, Tetsujin 28 with Flame Feet, 2nd Version Black

    For the second time it was released only 25 flaming feet models were made.

  • Tin Robot, Wind-up Tetsujin 28 tea brown

    The first tin Tetsujin toy was released in June, 1960.

  • Tetsujin 28 Rocket Airplane

    It's very rare that this toy makes it onto market.

  • Tetsujin 28 Shotaro scooter

    An item that will go well next to a Tetsujin scooter.

  • Tetsujin 28 around the train

    A train based toy by Yonezawa first released in 1964.

  • Castle in the Sky Laputa Modified Rough Genga

    By Hayao Miyazaki.

  • Cardcaptor Sakura Cell

    Movie version.

  • DAICON FILM autograph setting material

    By Hideaki Anno.

  • Sadamoto Yoshiyuki Hand drawing shikishi


  • Monkey · punch Hand drawing color illustration

    "Lupin The Third" - Framed.

  • Tezuka Osamu Hand drawing color shikishi

    "Ribbon Knight" - Framed.

  • Koyama Yuu Hand drawing color shikishi

    "Azumi" - Framed.

  • Nagai Go Hand drawing color shikishi

    "Mazinger Z"

  • Chiba Tetsuya Autograph autographed color copy shikishi

    "Ashita no Joe"

  • Yanasaka Takashi Hand drawing shikishi

    "Sore Ike! Anpanman"

  • Eguchi Hisashi Hand drawing shikishi

    "Stop!! Hibari-kun!"

  • Sasagawa Hiroshi Hand drawing shikishi

    "Time Bokan"

  • Nagashima Shinji Hand drawing color manuscript

    Kashi-hon manga cover.

  • Bonten Taro Hand drawing color manuscriptl

    "Manga OK" cover picture.

  • Mizuki Shigeru Hand drawing manuscript

    "Rocketman" - Unused original picture.

  • Prop Giant Robo

    A prop giant robot head used for film production.

  • Combination Program DX Zanbot 3 Combine Set Late Box

    Boxed item from the 40 year old Zambot 3.

  • Godmars Super Jumbo Machinder

    An item worthy of the name Super Jumbo Machinder.

  • Mach Baron Jumbo Machinder

    The red body is very impressive.

  • Combine box

    This gets harder to find every year.

  • Talking Poseidon

    The pinnacle of Masudaya's talking toys.

  • Voltes V Jumbo Machinder

    Popular in Japan and abroad too, this is one of Voltes V's top items.

  • Kamen Rider NEXT fake rider

    Costume set used for film production.

  • Koitsukihime Cliel "Ⅶ Looking through the heart"

    Sleeping icon of Koitsukihime.

  • Roketman

    Shigeru Mizuki's debut work.

  • Yureiwo Yobu Shoujo

    Kazuo Umezu's first tankobon.

  • Kaidan Ningen Tokei

    Seiichiro Tokunan’s horror comics, Akebono Shuppan.

  • All Kaidan vol. 1

    Hibari Shobo Kaidan Anthology First issue

  • Shirohebi Yakata complete 3 volumes set

    Masterpiece by Shinichi Koga, from the Hibari Shobo Kaidan series.

  • Shingo Series complete 12 volumes set

    Shinsaku Koga's unique action series, full 12 volume set.

  • Sanbonashi no Shoujo

    Noboru Yoshimi's unique work. Shojo Kaidan Series 10.

  • Kaitei no Hiho

    Shufu Onodera's rare akahon about junior detectives.

  • Kyuketsujo Violet

    Tsukasa Koenji’s horror comics, Hibari Kurowaku.

  • okai Hakase

    Takesaburo Ootsu’s horror comics, Tokyo Topsha.

  • Ninja Bugeicho complete 12 volumes first edition set

    Sanpei Shirato's work, Golden Comics complete set with obi.

  • Doraemon vol.1-6 first edition

    Fujiko Fujio's well known work. Tentoumushi Comics 6 book set first edition.

  • Strange horror cartoon feature

    Popular horror manga that caused a boom in the 90s.

  • "Syonen" Tetsujin Separate Volume Appendix Complete coverage

    All 115 books available.

  • Shonen Gendai first issue · No. 2

    Only two issues of this valuable magazine were published.

  • Masked Rider No.1 decision draft

    Episode 1: Kaiki Kumo Otoko (Mysterious Spider Man)

  • Kamen Rider No. 98 final round completed script

    Episode 98: Final round "Gel-Shocker Annihilation! Last Boss!!"

  • Universe big monster Monster and Space Weapon

    Complete with all cutouts etc.

  • Ultraman · monster clipping mask

    Cover by Gojin Ishihara.

  • Captain Ultra picture report

    With phonosheet.

  • Poetry spring traveler

    Poems by Tatsuji Miyoshi.

  • Suzuki Shiroyasu made a cohabitation or getaway to a collapse

    Signed to Kenkichi Kodera.

  • Flight sensuality

    Hangaso, Koshiro Onchi

  • Poetry morning chair

    Akimorisha, Tsuneo Osada

  • Damdam first issue number

    Nantendo Shobo, Damdam-kai

  • Masked Rider J Steel Material

    Picture book about making goods.

  • Ultraman Great Steel Material

    Film staff and scenery.

  • Masked Rider Kuuga Steel Material

    Picture book about making goods.

  • First Godzilla Poster Press

    Backside: press-sheet.

  • Doki Doki Gakuen Seal Print Sample


  • Doki Doki Gakuen Seal Print Sample

    Golden color

  • Doki Doki Gakuen Seal Print Sample

    Silver color

  • Doki Doki Gakuen package printed sample

  • "Love Live!" Μ's Autograph Signature


  • "Go! Princess PreCure" Pretty Cure Voice Acting Autograph

    Autographed Poster

  • "Lupine the 3rd" appearance voice actor autograph


  • “Hikarasa ga to^ru” Starring voice actors Author's


  • Stone Flower

    Lovely Autumn Publication

  • LOVELY MiNi Pack '72

  • Pygmalion 1

    Lovely Books No 2

  • Senshinostue


  • Angel Lip2

  • "Gale! Iron Linger"

    "Motion Picture Material Final Limited Edition"

  • Mononoke Vol.1 - No.1

  • Mononoke Vol.1 - No.2


  • Magical Angel Sweet Mint Encyclopedia

    Revised edition.

  • 【Previous Sabot brush character】 Higashi Hachioji · Shinjuku / Takahata Fudo · Shinjuku

    December 11 1963, renamed to Keio Hachioji Station

  • 【Previous Sabot brush character】 Azawaji-ga · Shinjuku / Sakuramisui · Shinjuku

  • 【Previous Sabo】 Fuchu · Shinjuku / Keio Kingdom · Shinjuku

  • Tamiya SLOT RACER King Cobra [1/24]

  • Tamiya McLaren Elba [1/24]

  • Asahi Sonorama Yokai great march [N-12]

  • Asahi Sonorama Cat with wearing boots [Q-29]

  • Megane 40th Anniversary Present SMAP Leisure Sheet


  • 1992 · 11 · 2 Meiji University Sundai Festival "WE LOVE SMAP"


  • ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 x 10 Staff T-shirt


    Daimansai Edition

    A large number of goods to be exhibited at the Daimansai Festival held at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, on May 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2017.

  • ●Tetsujin 28 Special Feature

    Electronic remote controlled Flame Footed Tetsujin, rocket plane, Shotaro scooter, Imai's plastic model, Kobunsha's Antimony figure and so much more. Don't let this chance pass you by.
    115 volumes of Tetsujin appendices to be sold separately.

  • ●Mysterious Horror Manga Special Feature

    In our horror feature we have work from Hibari Shobo's "All Kaidan" with artists including Shinji Ikegawa, Shinichi Koga, Miyuki Saga, Koji Sugito, Tetsuya Matsushita, Kyoko Mita, Misao Mochizuki, Noboru Yoshimi and many more.
    "Shojo Friend Zokan" "All Kaidan" "Horror M" and more.
    Horror manga magazines that caused the boom in the 90s.

  • ●Jumbo Machinder

    With limitless popularity in Japan and abroad, we have items such as Voltes V, Mach Baron, Godmars and Daitetsujin 17.

  • ●Gokin

    The memory of the gokin we featured in Zenbu 74 is still fresh, but this time we have an all-power line up from the Mandarake Toy Department including Popinika and Popi.

  • ●Sofubi

    Including Masudaya's Talking Poseidon and Astroganger, we have soft vinyl figures with unique charms and features.

  • ●Dolls

    Sleeping icon of Koitsukihime. Koitsukihime dolls are a marvel to behold, and this of course includes what we will be exhibiting.

  • ●Animation Cels & Anime Gengas

    "Kiki's Delivery Service", "Evangelion", "Laputa", "Cardcaptor Sakura" and work from director Hideaki Anno.

  • ●Hand-drawn Illustrations, Shikishi & Manuscripts

    We've gathered work from artists and animators such as Osamu Tezuka, Shigeru Mizuki, Monkey Punch, Moto Hagio, Keiko Takemiya, Rumiko Takahashi and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. We hope you feel their power and charm in the flesh at the venue.

  • ●Single Volume Books

    As well as Shigeru Mizuki's debut work "Rocketman" there are plenty of kashi-hon and akahon available.

  • ●New Size Books

    Plenty of books including Takao Saito's "007 Series", Sanpei Shirato's "Band of Ninja (Ninja Bugei Cho)", Fujiko Fujio's "Doraemon", Minori Shobo's "Original Comics" set.

  • ●Magazines & Supplements

    "Omoshiroi Book Zokan", "Bessatsu Shonen Sunday", "Manga Ace"
    A varied line-up including some very special volumes.

  • ●Other Books

    Books and resources about art, photographs, illustrations, luxurious books, limited editions, research, poetry, reviews and picture books.
    See the potential these items have to offer.

  • ●Posters

    "Showa Niji no Omoide Hyoryu-ki", "Ultra-Seven", "Kamen Rider X", "Kamen Rider Kuuga", "Kamen Rider J" etc.
    You can see lots of unexpected items.

  • ●Tokusatsu Scripts

    Kamen Rider scripts such as "Kaiki Kumo Otoko" and "Kyofu Koumori Otoko".

  • ●Stickers and Seals

    Don't miss this Omake sticker special feature!
    A special uncut print sample is also on show.

  • ●Voice Actor Goods

    We have many items ready for the Daimansai Festival from remarkable young voice actores as well and legendary actors.

  • ●Doujinshi

    Shigeru Mizuki's first fan book "Mononoke" and many other anime materials.
    Many high level doujinshi including an exhibition on Yasuko Sakata's work.
    Plenty of work from the Iron Leaguer Parady.

  • ●Railway Goods

    A line-up not to be missed including the Keio Inokashira Line's "Zensabo", Keio 6000 series' "6412", station name board for "Sawai" "Toyoda" and "Mitami" and Seibu Railway's rollsign.

  • ●Vehicle Goods

    Accessories for slot cars, Tamiya, Kyosho radio control kit, Tomica display case, Micropet and Tomica rare pieces.

  • ●AV Related Goods

    Asahi Sonorama - Yokai Dai Koshin (N-12), Asahi Sonorama - Nagagutsu o Haita Neko (Q-29), Animaze Records - Tonari no Totoro Soundbook (25AGL-2062), Animaze Records - Tonari no Totono Soundtrack (25AGL-3058), King Records - Onmitsu Kenshi (AA-31), King Records - Yaguruma Kennosuke no Uta & Tetsuwan Atomu no Uta (EC-19)

  • ●Male Idol Goods

    2009 Break the Records Tour Kat-tun signed poster.
    1992 Meiji University "We Love SMAP" Pamphlet.