Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series

Continuing the Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series sold at last year's Daimansai Festival,
the new one is Pochi Pochi!
The smooth body and wide range of movement at the elbow joints,
that are unique to this series, are also here in this figure.
It is a little bigger than Chibira-kun.
Whether you want to put the two of them together,
or you are a just a kaiju fan, we recommend this Pochi Pochi figure.

Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series - Pochi Pochi

Soft vinyl.
¥15,000 (+ tax)
Release Date
May 5, 2021
Cojica Toy

Sales Information

This will be on sale at the Daimansai Festival on May 5.
Mail Order: Online applications until 23:59 May 5 (JST)

※ This may be sold by lottery depending on the number of people who wish to buy it.
※ Sales may be limited to one per person.

Applications to enter the sale by lottery draw will open at 21:00 on April 20 and close at 23:59 on May 5.

Contact Staff Member: Etsuzaki (Fukuoka)