Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series

We're selling a new limited edition color of the Chibira-kun that was sold at the 2020 Daimansai Festival, but this time online!
The two arm parts and tail are movable, so you can pose him in a variety of ways. The colour is designed to look like the doll that was the original image of the prototype.
We are also planning to make a new model of the series at the 2021 Daimansai Festival, so please collect each colour!

Chibira-kun to Kaiju-cho Series - Chibira-kun Fake Color

Soft vinyl
¥15,000 (+ tax)
Cojica Toy

Sales Information

Please order using the application form between 8pm on February 1 and 11:59pm on February 7 (Japan Standard Time).
If many people apply this may be sold by lottery.
We plan on shipping these out from February 15.