☆sofvi bouya Tomatsuri producer series☆ Medicom Toy x Mandarake Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z (Original ver. Cheap Homage)
Mazinger Z (Retro ver. Cheap Homage)

■Approx. 25cm tall
■10,000Yen each
■Soft vinyl figure
■Molding supervised by Bearmodel
■Coloring design by LEO sofvi bouya
■Coloring supported by FRENZY
■Supervisor Nagai Go
■Project supported by Dynamic Production

Mazinger Z first appeared in 1972, and for 42 years (2014) there are countless products were made.
During our search, we found out that there was a handful of official Mazinger Z items that were made in a total different coloring from the show.
At that time, Maginzer Z also made it's way to Japanese traditional cheap snack shop, as a snack toy, where children could afford with their allowance.
While most of them were not official, aka. "bootleg", with cheap quality and bizzare coloring. But looking back again at the present, those coloring gives a new sense, and looks "fantastic".
The well known Mazinger Z, also appeared in a different appearance where not much knew about it. gives it it's a unique charm.
A charm which was born from passing time, doing a homage coloring.
In order to bring out this toy to it's fullest, Japanese unique raw material was used, soft vinyl.

※Photos are sample version, actual product might have minor changes without prioir notice.

Original ver. Cheap Homage

Realization of the color resembles a small toy that comes with snack.
Detachable Rocket Punch.

Buying Original ver. Cheap Hommage

Retro ver. Cheap Homage

Never seen before, a Mazinger with fantastic color.
Detachable Rocket Punch.
Detachable Jet Blaster.(Actual product comes with belt)

Buying Retro ver. Cheap Hommage

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