MEDICOM TOY COSMOS PROJECT ALIEN A type, B type (Mandarake Limited Hawaiian ver.)

ALIEN A type
ALIEN B type

A popular toy maker from 1960's-1970's.
Not only soft vinyl toy makers, they Influenced many others like small snack toys and rubber figures makers as well.
This time, Cosmos Project came up with Alien! with Mandarake Limited Color ver.
Glow in the dark pink based body with flashy spray work!
Hawaiin color!

(Mandarake Limited Hawaiian ver.)
2,800yen each


Mandarake Nakano Store 4F "Micro Store"
Sold out

Mandarake Shibuya Store
Online application starting 23rd March 21:00 through 31th March 23:59.
Limited stock only. If applications exceed the stock we have, successful buyers will be picked randomly.


  • Please complete the application form between 23rd March 21:00 through 31th March 23:59.
  • Successful buyers will be randomly picked. (※But successful buyers are not guaranteed to able to purchase everything applied.)
  • Application form with incomplete informations, typo mistakes or received outside the forementioned period will be deemed invalid.
  • Successful buyers will be noticed through email.
  • Cancelation for successful buyers will not be accepted in any way. (※Those insist will result not able to use our online service in the future.)
  • 1 application per shipping address only. ※Duplicate pre-orders or addresses will be deemed invalid. Applicant could apply for maximum of 1 piece of Alien A type and B type each.


Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard) *debit cards are not accepted


This item can not be combined with any other orders.
Shipping method is set for EMS only (same price for 1pc or both colors).
Shipping fee is listed as below:

Asia: 900yen
Mid America and Middle East: 1200yen
Europe: 1500yen
South America and Africa: 1700yen

・Customer pays shipping cost or any other fees that might be charged at customs.


  • Cancelations, exhanges & returns will not be accepted if due to customer's personal reason.
  • All products will be checked before shipment, but if by any chance you received a faulty product, a replacement will be sent. (if product is out of stock, the full amount will be refunded)
  • If you have any concerns, please contact us within 3 days upon receiving the package "without" opening the item bag. Any complaints later than 3 days will not be answered.
  • We are not able to accept complaints tor any damage on the package (plastic bag, header tag, etc.).
Please make sure you understand and happy with the above before placing any orders.


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