Non-Standard Collection - Astroganger - Prototype Color

The latest version of the Astroganger that was initially sold at the Mandarake Daimansai Festival in May 2019!
The color scheme this time is inspired by the colors used in shonen magazines and TV broadcasts back in the day.
This is the first three dimensional model of the prototype before the anime color scheme was decided.

The 'Non-Standard Collection', the series of giant robot based on the hit toys of the 70s, continues!
Part 4 in the series is 'Astroganger', a 1972 series by Knack Productions!
This show started airing 2 months before Mazinger Z, making it the first robot anime to be shown in color. However it was only Masudaya that regularly developed the toys.
It is very difficult to find items from that time due to the show's short broadcast period of six months, and also due to the lack of development at the peak of each series from Popy.
What if it was released after Mazinger and there was more demand for giant robots ...
Astroganger, whose toy experience is filled with 'What if's, has been revived as part of the Non-Standard Collection!

With a full color package, Kantaro Hoshi mini sofubi, main item and box all made in Japan.

Non-Standard Collection - Astroganger

  • Maker - Mandarake
  • Series - Non-Standard Collection
  • Item - Astroganger - Prototype Color
  • Price - ¥45,000(+tax)
  • Specification - 60cm sofubi with box

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