User Registration
Please register using the "Registration" tab on the top right of this page. Please confirm your registration with the E-mail sent. Registration is not complete until you submit the confirmation. Please make sure you input a valid E-mail address.
Edit Registration Informations
You are able to edit your registered informations with "Edit Registrated Informations" in "Mypage".
"Mypage" functions

Edit Registrated Informations
Changing of shipping address, password, credit card informations, etc.
Required for participating any of the auctions.
Search History
List up previously searched items.
A notification for upcoming listing. Customizable conditions/keywords.
Browse items added to watchlist.
Currently Bidding Items
List of the items your are bidding on.
Bidding Results
List of items, both won and didn't win.
Continue to payment process of won items.