Live Auction

Live Auction is Mandarake new auction style.
Auctioned items will be listed one by one in and all bidders will bid on real-time.
You can enjoy the fast pace auction as you were at the auction space, while sitting in front of your own computer.
Depending on the current price, bid increments may vary.
Unlike normal auction items, you can focus on one item at a time.

(1)Live Auction Item List … List of items that will be auctioned (Top item is the current item)
(2)Current bidding item … Competing item at this time
(3)Timeline … Showing current status of Listing, Bid, Sold
(4)Current Price
(5)Increse bid button … Button for increasing current price by XXX Yen
(6)Bid button … Button for placing bid with lowest increment
(7) Your bidding price
(8)Time left bar … Time left until the current item auction ends

How to participate Live Auction

Please check the starting time for items with "LIVE" marked.
Live Auction will start automatically on the scheduled time.
Absentee bid is also possible before the starting time

・Login is required before bidding. Please register and complete the Authentication if you are not registered.
・Absentee bid is accepted before the starting time of Live Auction.
・There are 2 ways to increase Live Auction bidding price. By "(5)Increase current price by XXX Yen" or "(6)Bid with lowest increment".
・Please refer here to view won items. Please refer here if you have any questions.