Condition of Record Jacket

SSealed (has not been opened)
MMint condition
NMNear Mint condition
NM-Slighlty Inferior to Near Mint condition in quality
EX+Slightly scrachy but in excellent condition, no scraches and SPLIT at the edges
EXgood condition as a normal second-hand record
EX-good condition as a normal second-hand record, ring wearing,tiny well-thumbed and worn part for over years visible, scraches at the deges but no SLPIT can be noticed
VG+Ring wearing stands out but no split recognizable
Condition of jacket is close to EX but SPLIT visible at the edges
VGRing wearing apprears somehow strongly, it is not suited as a collectable
GRing wearing apprears very strongly, there are SPLIT and some damages
It is not suited as a collectable and good for someone who is not interested in a record jacket

Phonorecord Quality

SSealed (has not been opened)
MMint condition, has barely played
NMNear Mint condition, glossy and beautiful
NM-fully glossy and tiny scraches visible, has barely played, in excellent condition as a second-hand record
EX+slightly scraches recognizable
EXaverage second-hand record
VG+some small scraches recognizable but no noise should come out
VGsome large scraches recognizable among small scraches and these scraches may be the reason of noises, possibility of phonograph needle skips
GSome large scraches recognizable among many small scraches, possibility of phonograph needle skips, it is not suited as a collectable


SPLIT is a cracks at the edges of a record jacket.
All comes with a lyrics card unless other comments included.