SAHRA 【Poster Department】 ☆ ★ May Announcement ☆ ★ The Third Poster Festival ☆ ★

Following on from the second festival at the end of last year, it's time for the latest event!
This year we're holding it during Golden Week!

It's the Third Poster Festival

Now you can hang up items with your favourite works and favourite idols!
During this month we've prepared lots of posters from a variety of genres so that you won't want to go outside, including anime tokusatsu, movies, art, idols (including Johnny's), voice actors, and so much more. You'll be able to find these on the Mandarake mail order website.

For this event we've prepared around 2000 posters, including lots of things not currently available on our online store!

We're going to be constantly adding new items for all genres, so be sure to check out the poster section of the Mandarake mail order site every day! Keep in mind that stock is limited, so don't miss out on something that you see!
We're also going to be updating this page everyday with the latest staff recommendations, so be sure not to miss out.

We hope you enjoy it!

※ The posters in the picture above are items that have previously been listed.
For information on which posters are available, please be sure to check out the news topics.

Points to Note

  • Items listed here are available from Sahra, our mail-order exclusive warehouse.
  • Please note that we cannot keep items on hold, nor offer over the counter sales.
  • You are welcome to order items over the phone. Please feel free to get in touch.
  • Items listed here may be removed or changed at any time.
Poster Information SAHRA


グランドカオス 中野

毎日更新してます!SAHRAポスターの通販ページはコチラ 「神秘の世界エルハザー...

グランドカオス 小山雄

「シリーズ唯一の大人向け?」 昭和ガメラ・シリーズといえば子供が主要キャラの作...

中野店 足立

2013年に開催されたガンダムエースシアターの来場者プレゼント品。 MGの発売告...

渋谷店 高橋一

第2回に続き、今回もコナンのポスターたくさん出ます。 しかもB1の鏡面仕様も複数...

名古屋店 織田

やっぱりアイドルのルカさんは捨て置けない!!! 劇場版ハヤテの主題歌「僕ら、駆け...

渋谷店 高橋一

ゲーセンが開いてなくてモヤモヤしている音ゲーマーの皆さんこんにちわ。 僕も大層モ...

渋谷店 猪狩


渋谷店 猪狩

「大魔神」シリーズポスター 大魔神は他の特撮怪獣映画と違いしっかり時代劇映画...

中野店 足立

部屋に籠っていても小宇宙は燃える! 今回も聖闘士星矢関連のポスター出してます。P...

渋谷店 高橋一

大好評につき、晴れて第三回目を迎えたSAHRAポスターまつり。 今回ご紹介するの...

グランドカオス 中野

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