SAHRA 【Poster Department】 ☆ ★ December Announcement ☆ ★ The Second Poster Festival ☆ ★

Last year we held our first every large scale poster sales event and it received a lot of feedback, so much so that it seems that a lot of people are waiting for another.

So in order to establish this as an event ...

The Second Poster Festival

... is coming!

During the last month of the year we'll be having another large scale poster sales event!
As we as anime, we're putting up a huge variety of posters on the mail order website including Tokusatsu, movies, art, idols (including Johnnys), voice actors, and so much more.
This year we've prepared 2000 posters, double what we had available last year!

Just like last year we're going to be adding new items every single day starting from December 1st, so be sure to check out the poster section of the Mandarake mail order site every day!
We're also going to be updating this page everyday with the latest staff recommendations, so be sure not to miss out.

We hope you enjoy it!

※ The posters in the picture above are items that have previously been listed.
For information on which posters are available, please be sure to check out the news topics.

Points to Note

  • Items listed here are available from Sahra, our mail-order exclusive warehouse.
  • Please note that we cannot keep items on hold, nor offer over the counter sales.
  • You are welcome to order items over the phone. Please feel free to get in touch.
  • Items listed here may be removed or changed at any time.
ポスター部署通信販売情報 SAHRA

透きとおる儚げな歌声を一度聴いたら忘れられません。 亡くなられてから1年程たち...

渋谷店 上田

この作品を形容する言葉で代表的なものがありますが。 今更書く事ではないでしょう...

渋谷店 上田


渋谷店 高橋

本日ご紹介いたしますのは、「ガールズ&パンツァー」です。 華道や茶道とな...

サーラ 高安


渋谷店 高橋


うめだ店 吉野

今年も中森明菜のポスターをいっぱい出しています。 毎年人気物件ですので争奪戦に...

札幌店 佐藤


札幌店 佐藤

とにかく美麗、たまりません。 個人的に阿修羅が両面どちらにもいることにドキドキ...

渋谷店 上田

本日の紹介はこちら。 パチンコのCR新世紀エヴァンゲリオン~奇跡の価値は~のポス...

名古屋店 織田

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