We will introduce some of the granulation festival auction products.
A catalog covering all auction items, Mandarake ZENBU 80 is also on sale

Please note at the time of the venue bid

Bid at the venue fan
At the venue, it will be asked to bid by taking a listed venue ID fan.
And a successful bidder is determined, because it is bidding for the first time a successful bidder information, fan At the same time, smart phones and, at the venue PC, and is logged bid at your own ID, it will be bid with a double , there, I would have caught their bid amount.
The bid by fan, or, bid from the Web, it is recommended the bid by either of the bidding method.
The bid by the deadline scratch scratch
Deadline time just before the bid, it may not meet the deadline
Early termination, subject to extension
The moderator of the decision, early termination, subject to extension
Special bid method of venue only
” MAX bid ”

If you want to bid to specify the amount of money, please be declared Max ○○ circle with the bid and
” to pull out. ”

Please raise the fan to call the “to pull out ” If you want more than the bid of the Web