MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI Micro-kan May 5 (Friday) 【Gomu no Hi – Zenshousen ★】 Holding !! ★ ☆ ~ Para mantle Confectionary special 30 yen discount Jiangshi treasure box & Tanba Tetsuro's dead everywhere what a big spiritual lantern edition ~ ☆ ★

Also on sale on May 3 (Fri) MANDARAKE 's big event “Daimansai Festival” held at Nakano Sun Plaza catalog magazine [Comp – REX 8th ~ Korokoro Comic Manga PVC & Dagangu special issue ~] also sold Start ☆ ☆

This issue, which was produced according to the Daimansai Festival held in May, is “Korokoro Comic Manga PVC & Dagangu special issue”

“Doraemon” “Perman” “Obake no Q-Taro” “Kaibutsu-kun” “Ninja Hattori-kun” etc. Fujio Fujiko works as a pillar ”

From game titles such as “Bikkuriman” “Okari chan” “Superman Quintaman” “Dodge Danpei” and other popular comics and “Super Mario” “Kirby of the stars” “Pokemon” “St II” “Fatal legend” “Samurai Spirits” Select PVC and Dagangu angrily.

PVC freak & a lot of items in a wide lineup that I want even if I grew up with colocoro!

Interviews of Professor Yoshihiko Takemura who serialized “Bikkuriman” “Wow! Ken – chan” at Korokoro Comic and collection of Talent 's Wacky Masayama who roars its name as a collector collector is also open to the public!

Korokoro KIDS can not be overlooked in a book or ~ ☆ ★

In addition, those who purchase at the Daimansai Festival venue will receive a collaboration seal with Yoshihiko Takemura's work “Wow! Ken-chan” and comp RE x!

【Comp-REX 8th bullet ~ Korokoro Comic Manga PVC & Dagangu special issue ~】 (Daimansai Festival limited Ken chan seal included) 800 yen (tax included)

A gag manga “Wow! Ken-chan” by Yoshihiko Takemura familiar with Bikkuriman and others serialized at Korokoro Comic in the early 1990's appeared as a colorful and cute seal ☆ ★

Seal illustrations such as Ken's full of gags full of gags · Santa Cluas · brave · New Year's seal illustration, Ken-chan world full of laughter and so on ~ ☆ Ken-chan liked & seal collector can not be overlooked ♪ ♪

Friday May 5 (Friday) MANDARAKE 's big event “Daimansai Festival” held at Nakano Sun Plaza 【Sanction site】 and 【Sanchi Sticker Festival venue】 Prior sales decided at the Micro – kan booth !!!

The corocoro generation is GET at the venue on the third day of Daimansai Festival ★ ☆

・ 5 seals set 926 yen (1,000 yen including tax)

* Image and the actual seal are slightly different in color, so Thank you for understanding.

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Daimansai Festival is over on May 5, 2017 (Fri)! On the last day Micro-kan will go on sale ☆
Let's go get it all ★ ☆
Topics to introduce the items on sale there at any time ~ ☆
This time. . . . Jiangshi's gift item! It is!

Para mantle I was out of confectionery Jiangshi Dagangu ! box The picture is terrible ♪

If you look at the back side, you can understand the magnificence of the lid well ★
Fancy Jiangshi .

Jiangshi Everyone in the fans is not necessarily a necessary goods? ★

Plenty of information on the side ◎
One time for 30 yen! Jiangshi Treasure box is a bold name ☆
What contents you care about. . . .

Sky or not! It is! It is! Anxious to finish ☆ ★

After that, lantern fans are paying attention? item .

Tamba Tadanobu lanterns.

He showed me like a lanyard ◎
Please spread it at the venue ☆ ★

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