MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【May 5 Cosplay Sales Information】 “Trouble @ Spiral! Nanahara School Uniform (Made by KISS · XL Size)”

On Friday May 5th, the third day of the Daimansai Festival, not only will we have hard to find costumes that are no longer being produced, but also both the latest costumes for popular female characters from COSPA, COSPAITO, KISS and ACOS at the Cosplay Booth!
Here’s an introduction to the kind of item you’ll be able to find.
This time we are introducing Made by KISS 's “Trouble @ Spiral! Nanahara School Uniform”.

“Trouble @ Spiral! Nanahara School Uniform”
Made by KISS
Women’s XL Size
Dirt · Extensive dirt

【Set Contents】
Coat, sleeve, blouse, skirt, ribbon

Because the sleeves of the outerwear are removable, it is 2 WAY specification of winter clothes and summer clothes.

※ When and How to Buy differ depending on the product, so please refer to the following 【When and How to Buy】.
※ Please confirm at the venue on the price.

Besides the costumes introduced this time, we are preparing for the number of arrivals we have never seen before, such as School Uniform of beauty Girl game series and animated costumes such as Sailor Moon.
On the same day, we will exhibit the COSPA · Made by COSPATIO costume even at the big auction tournament to be held at Nakano Sansuraza 13F Sky.
We are waiting at 's' Daimansai Festival' held at May 5 (Friday), Nakano Sanguraza.

【 When and How to Buy 】

Sale Location: Nakano Sun Plaza – 14th floor – Crescent Room
Venue Open: 11:00 am
Sales Begin: 12:00 pm

Customers who wish to check the condition of items will be able to do so after entering the venue up until 11:55 am.
Sales will commence from 12:00 pm.
From 12:00 pm, we will ask which customers are interested in each item.
Please be aware that if you miss the item you are interested in, you might not be able to participate in the purchase event.

If no customers are interested in an item, we will move onto the next one.
If only one customer is interested in an item, they can purchase it normally.
If more than one customer is interested in an item, it will be sold in an auction style.

● As cancellations, exchanges and returns will not be accepted, please check the condition of any items you are interested before 11:55 am.
Once you have decided you want and have committed to purchasing it either by:
・Being the only person who wants to by it.
・Having the largest bid in the auction for it.
you will not be able to cancel, exchange or return the item.
● If you are committed to purchasing an item, please make your payment immediately.
If there are remaining items that you would like to buy, please stay as you are and pay for everything once all of the items you’re interested in have finished.
● Should the item be settled by auction, please be aware that auction bids do not contain consumption tax of 8%.
Consumption tax must be paid by the highest bidder.
● For items that do not initially sell at the 12:00 pm purchase event (where nobody expressed an interest in them), these may still be sold on the day. Please ask our staff if they are still available and you will be able to buy them.
Please also pay for these items straight away.

※ We will be issuing information about tickets to the venue at a later date, so please check back.

( Post by: Momose )

Translation is done by machine translator.