April 23rd, 2017

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MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【2017 ★ Kokura Store Daimansai Event】 Toys Toys Sengoku Period Armor Doll Oda Nobunaga

Mandarake Kokura Golden Week Item – This time we will show “Toys Toys Sengoku Period Armor Doll Oda Nobunaga”.

Oda Nobunaga 's “Sengoku Period Armor Doll Oda Nobunaga” appeared from Toys Toys.
Precise incorporation, beautiful coloring seems to be a fine art rather than a toy.
Tree box It makes me feel loneliness .
Please do get it by Kokura Store Daimansai Event !

Condition:   opened

※ Items on sale will be sold from Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Thank you for understanding, since we will start from 12:30 on May 8, 2017 (Monday) for mail orders, reservations etc.
※ The items posted are on sale at the shop front after the sale date.
Selling cut as it may be, so beforehand Thank you for understanding.

Ono in charge

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