MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI May 3 –  Analog  Games Game Book ” Laplace no Ma ” Will Be Available

Available on day 1 of the Daimansai Festival, May 3 (Wednesday)!

We have lots of analog games available!

Is We are pleased to introduce you Game Book Game Book ” Laplace no Ma, also conspicuously known as a difficult title to come in. ”

This ‘s ” Laplace no Ma “is originally intended that the world out as a horror game, in the novel version, including the Cthulhu mythology element by Hiroshi Yamamoto writers, has been restructured as a work of Haunter Hunter series .

Novel version has become the title, which is also resold many times there is also that Haunter Hunter series went spread over a variety of genres such as TRPG and board games.

Game Book version also has become a Game Book of horror system that incorporates the Cthulhu element is based on the novel version.

Original ・ also sentence the amount compared with the Game Book of Other horror atmosphere with plenty of sentence by Hitoshi Yasuda of supervision, the amount of information that many horror work, high very quality is seen as a Cthulhu-related work It has become a thing.

Also completely different system of the picture is the Haunter Hunter series after also illustrations, while character, me raise this also atmosphere in the illustrations of real touch by Yoshihisa Aran, known for illustrations of the myth ・ fantastic system you.

Unfortunately, it is also famous title that deficiencies are often of by the system face a small issue number, it will not be denied the surface on which further enhanced the fantastic existence of this title.

While there is no cover title, Damaged is small and we can offer in the condition of cut area also unused of end of a book.

How is it one of your collection to come this time of opportunity?

Post by: Kuroda

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