MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI [Pre-Orders Starting April 1] ” Non-Standard Collection Babel  II Poseidon “

[Non-Standard Collection Babel  II Poseidon]

Along with Gokin toys made in the 70's is complementary plan ” Non-Standard Collection of the giant robot toy series, which was a big hit, “sequel to the start! !
2nd release the ” Poseidon “from three of the bottom that appeared in Babel  II!
Anime Babel  II it is overlaps with huge toy prosperity period in the days basis because it is 73 years broadcasting, mecha anime and ESP animation instead of
There also had been positioned, the release of giant robot toy series Poseidon became a phantom.
Appeared this time ‘s ” Poseidon “is package of full-color, chest of name seal also included and Other are, two head (toy, Original), hand parts two
(Smack, grip hand) and luxurious specification.
” Babel  II Poseidon in Non-Standard Collection “is revived at 60c M Size in order to complement the toy world of if …! !

Prior to the venue sales to start the mail-order book! !
If you can not come to the venue in the distance, also at hand of those who can not tell the day just convenience!

Reservation is here.

(In charge of Etsusaki Etsuzaki)

2017 April 1, [Saturday] 21:00 – accepted by the WEB site until April 30 [day] 23:59.
If you exceed the reservation specified number will be lottery sales.
“Order transmission of the defined Mail” is scheduled for after the end of the application period.
Estimated shipping date of the product is scheduled for-mid-May.
The overseas shipment will be the only Hong Kong in relation to copyright this time.

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