MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Female Doujinshi】 ” Musashi, the Samurai Lord “Doujinshi Will Be Available!

27 years from the broadcast … and had passed … that hot opening theme, I think I go up tension …!

Passed 27 years, if also a Doujinshi, does not meet you easily can become now.

… No, ” Although we use the word Nante has become now “, honest thank you once in 5 years to 10 years, is whether level not walk in stock …

Should you are is who you are surely looking for, we have decided to sell at believe Daimansai Festival and.

This time will be sold only title of the published in Image.

Since the number is small, we plan to sell at the show case.

(Guidance with respect to showcase sales, we plan to re-announcement)

We’ll be waiting for you at the Daimansai Festival, at the Nakano Sun Plaza on May 3 (Wednesday)

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(Post by: Kansaku)

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