MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Kaiba Sales Information – Celebrities】 On Sale May 5th (Friday) –  Akina Nakamori Fanclub Kaiho Set (From 1 to Latest)

Last year, was conducted in August ” Daimansai Festival “, is held this year and you moved to May. So as not to lose the GW of hot air, will issue something good revved up even product sales!

This gentleman, will sell fan club Proceedings of Akina Nakamori was re-descended as impressive return to Diva at the end of last year.

Of course one book to the festival events, not out about two books, the latest issue at the moment from No. 1 the Proceedings of the ” FAITHWAY “which started in 2000, will be sold together until the issue March 2017.

The latest issue also posted state of last year's dinner show!

Another set you want for viewing, etc., etc. want to re-gather again I had let go, you meet in your selfish. May 5 (Friday) Come, to the Nakano Sun Plaza.

Here is Nakano Sun Plaza on May 5 (Friday), it will be sold in Daimansai Festival venue in the hippocampus merchandise booth.

On the day of you have been visiting wait.

Post by: Sakuma

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