MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Female Doujinshi】 The Rose of Versailles “JEUNESSE (Yuki Totsuka)” Will Be Available!

At the Daimansai Festival we’ll be selling a range of The Rose of Versailles books.
These are mostly Andre x Oscar works, but we will also have titles that you can see on our buy-back information sheet.
From among them, ” JEUNESSE (Yuki Totsuka) “of The Rose of Versailles reference materials pick up a book.

Might be familiar with ” Bell rose Data Book “for the Bell rose lover’s.
So, how much data the amount of its ‘s ” Bell rose Data Book “, is a great covering the first time than the poor official guide.
Also for sleight of hand Re of Bell rose lover’s, is it a mistake Without that can be a reassuring partner even for beginner’s.

Tour of met things, it is close to a miracle itself! There is no hindrance to the fact that a … Read minute.
Whether you’re an avid collector, or just someone who wants to read them, don’t let this chance slip you by.
Also we’re going to keep adding to this list if new items become available right up until the event.

We’ll be waiting for you at the Daimansai Festival, at the Nakano Sun Plaza on May 3 (Wednesday)

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(Contact: Kansaku)

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