MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Female Doujinshi】 Saint Seiya ” a Kuukan Dassou (dairok) ” Will Be Available! 

We’ll be selling around 700 different Saint Seiya comics at the Daimansai Festival.
These will mainly be Aiolia (bottom) and Shura (bottom), but also include others such as Saga (bottom), Mu (bottom) and Milo x Camus as well.
From among them, ” a Kuukan Dassou (dairok) “the pickup.

It is reprinted book eleven that have been published in the pixiv and the web were together in one book. Modify ・ revision ・ a part page add ・ draw down what is also recorded
In, there is a place that can not be in the eye in pixiv!
coupling element is not particularly, is anyone enjoy work.
How in this opportunity who looks better and you who missed out on buying?
Also we’re going to keep adding to this list if new items become available right up until the event.

We’ll be waiting for you at the Daimansai Festival, at the Nakano Sun Plaza on May 3 (Wednesday)

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(Contact: Kansaku)

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