MANDARAKE DAIMANSAI 【Female Doujinshi】 The Rose of Versailles ” Osawa Kasei Fukyoukai (Fumi Yoshinaga) “” Makoto Mizusawa”  Will Be Available!

At the Daimansai Festival we’ll be selling a range of The Rose of Versailles books.

These are mostly Andre x Oscar works, but we will also have titles that you can see on our buy-back information sheet.

From among them, ” Osawa Kasei Fukyoukai (Fumi Yoshinaga) “” Makoto Mizusawa” ‘s Andre x Oscar works will be available.

Fumi Yoshinaga Mr. For, although it I think and I wonder if there is no talk about the other too late, this time low encounter rate ” The Rose of Versailles “is also available.

In addition, it should often be everyone if you know a person who rose coterie collector Bell, Makoto Mizusawa 's personal journal ” MITH “, Fumi Yoshinaga ” also has posted illustrations by Mr. L'amour” is also It will be sold.

But there are also some of the some of the Damaged , please forgive me please … Tour of met things, it is close to a miracle itself! There is no hindrance to the fact that a … Read minute.

Whether you’re an avid collector, or just someone who wants to read them, don’t let this chance slip you by.

Also we’re going to keep adding to this list if new items become available right up until the event.

We’ll be waiting for you at the Daimansai Festival, at the Nakano Sun Plaza on May 3 (Wednesday)

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 (Post by:  Kansaku)

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