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L'Arc~en~Ciel 2022 PREMIUM Lal Scratch [C-Prize] PREMIUM Photo Card All

  • L'Arc~en~Ciel
  • 2022 PREMIUM L'Arc Scratch

Packing Size
90mm x 70mm x 1mm / 5g

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*Please read everything below before purchasing.
※ Thanks for understanding.
※ As this is a used item, there may be some scratched and scraped, damaged is scratched, is marked discoloration condition deteriorated due to ageing etc. Thanks for understanding. <※ images are reference images and sample images, so the actual product condition and color may differ from the images. <※ is for reference only, but please be sure to check the product condition. <※ you are concerned about the condition of the product, please be sure to check the condition at the store before purchasing.

■Examples of product condition: Average condition for a used item.
Unopened: This item has not been opened.
obi missing: obuses for books, CDs, DVDs, etc. are missing.
Disk damaged : The disc is noticeably scratched and scraped, damaged , etc. ※This is the range that can generally be viewed and played.
Damage: There are noticeable damages and scratches on the case, booklet, package, main item, etc.

■Other condition indications ※This may be expressed as scraped, scratcis marked, it is discolored fading, condition deteriorated due to ageing, dents, stains, missing parts, etc.

■About viewing and playing CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS, etc. ※We sell items that are generally viewable and playable, but we do not guarantee that they can be viewed and played. <※ check the maker's website for information regarding device compatibility, operating environment, region codes, etc.

■Regarding evaluation criteria ※Items with old release dates, release periods, or distribution periods may be rated as "average" or may not have this listed in the product condition, taking into consideration condition deteriorated due to ageing (including damaged, is scratched stained, etc.). <※※ing on the materials, materials, specifications, etc., there may be items that are easily damaged, damaged, scratched, or stain easily, but after taking these into consideration, we may evaluate them as "average" or may not list them in the product condition. <※ cases, clear cases, sleeves, boxes, acrylic materials, plastic materials, etc. are particularly prone to is scratched, damage and appears to have been used, so they may not be recognized as damage and may be rated as "average" or not stated in the product condition.
※ Magazines may be rated as "average" even if they have damage such as wear, scratches, corners folded , or stained due to the material or specifications of the magazine, and this may not be stated in the product condition .
※ Due to the nature of poster and the materials they are made of, they are prone to damage, corners folded , condition deteriorated due to ageing , and dirt. Therefore, unless there is significant damage or stained , we may rate them as "average" or not state this in the product condition . Thanks for understanding. Please be aware that there may be damage etc., so if you are concerned about the condition of the product, please be sure to check it at the store. It will be shipped in rolled condition.
※ Shipping Box /outer box is included for the purpose of transporting and protecting the product, so is damaged and marked , dented, Damage , painted over, etc. Please understand the situation beforehand. <※ clothing is a second-hand item, even if there is some wear, creasesdamaged, signs of use or condition deteriorated due to ageing aging, if there is no problem with wearing or using it, it may be rated as "average" or it may not be stated in the product condition. Please understand the situation beforehand.

■ Regarding Bonus Item , obi , accessories, etc. * Bonus Item ( postcard , photocards, poster , sign , can badge , stickers, sticker , goods, random inclusions, etc.) may not be listed in the product condition or if there is no posted image. Basically not included , so Thanks for understanding.
※ obi for books, CDs, DVDs, etc. are generally not included if they are not included in the product image. <※※ing on the product, there may be multiple types of obi, but the posted image is a reference image, so there is a possibility that the obi may be different.
※ Shipping Box /outer box is generally not included unless specified in the product condition .
※ maker outer bags, leaflets, etc. are generally not included.
※ application ticket , serial codes, DLC, etc. are basically not included .
※ application ticket , serial codes, DLC, etc. are used items and are not covered by the warranty.

■Others ※We cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivery, loss or Damage of products, returns or exchanges, etc., when using Nekopos (mail delivery).
※ Nekopos (mail delivery) is shipped in an condition without wrapping the product in bubble wrap, so please do not select this option for fragile products. <※ images shown are for reference only, and serial numbers etc. may differ. <※ information regarding the songs, footage, and publication information, please contact the original maker, label, or publisher directly. <※ First Editions and reprints of magazines and books are generally not separated, the publication dates of the titles, images, etc. may differ. <※ the size of clothing, etc. is not specified, it is unknown. <※ be sure to wash and disinfect tableware etc. before use. <※ these are second-hand items, we do not guarantee the quality of clothing or perfume.
※ Clothing, bags, and other items are generally shipped in folded condition . Please bear this in mind before purchasing.
※Unopened Any defects in the contents of unopened products are not covered by the warranty.
※ Thanks for understanding. as the equipment used for product photography is not included . <※ may be some errors in product size and weight. Please understand the situation beforehand. <※ products listed may not be on display in stores or may already be sold out.
※ Thanks for understanding. as human error or system failure may occur. <※ is a used item, so if you are looking for something as good as new, please refrain from purchasing.
※ Thanks for understanding. <※ be sure to ask any questions regarding the product condition or accessories before placing your order. <※ note that if you place an order without prior inquiry, we will not Please bear this in mind before purchasings.

All "MANDARAKE" items are used(second hand).

Because it is a used item, there are scratches, damage, threads, stains, discoloration, deterioration over time, etc.

The product image is a reference image.
The actual product condition is different from the image.
And,No special offers are included.

There are all risks involved in buying second-hand goods.
Please purchase only those who can understand in
We cannot accept any returns or refunds.
Please place your order only if you are satisfied.

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