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Jet System Frugra T-shirt A / 22/7 / L size (Japanese Size)

  • Jet system
  • 22/7
  • Frugra T-shirt
  • Jet System
  • Frugra T-shirt
  • 22/7
  • Nanabunnonijuuni
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Unopened, package damaged
Packing Size
370mm x 260mm x 15mm / 210g
Jet system

L size (Japanese Size> 【Condition】
Unopened / package damagedbr> * Because it is a used item, please note that it may be slightly is damaged and is marked, or smelled.
※ This item cannot be returned under any circumstances. We highly recommend that you check the condition of the item with the store.
※ The The picture(s) is for reference, so details may differ from the actual item.

Colors may vary depending on the monitor you are viewing.
Please Thank you for understand that as well.

※ Japanese Size is smaller than overseas size.